About Us

Why Choose Us.

As Demeter Rent a Car, we are proud of providing a complete and honest service to you in a professional way.
In line with the expectations of our customers, we are proud of the fact that our customers who are renting a car in order to fulfill their duties fully, and by thanking us for the return of our customers. This encourages us to make more efforts to better serve our customers.
Demeter rent a cardan rented vehicles are all well-maintained, new and full insurance. Glass and headlights are insured. There is no extra payment for these fuses.
In addition, the fuel tanks of vehicles you rent from Demeter rent a cardan are not delivered as empty storage but at least as a quarter warehouse.
A lot of rental car companies; they charge you an extra fee for the insurances I mentioned above. Also, most of the vehicles you rent in these companies can be 3-4 years old
In addition, most of the vehicles that have reached the age of 2 years in rent a car is now unusable. It is very important for you to pay attention to them.
Also; Based on years of experience, I must tell you; If you rent a car from cheap companies that consider you as a one-time customer, you may expect bad surprises especially when you get to the airport in the season. A 3-4 year old car may be welcoming you. Or worse than that, the person and the vehicle will never meet you. A very difficult situation with your family may be waiting for you. If you do not want such situations to happen; My advice to you; Contact a Rent a car company in Europe and rent your car from a place like this. Thus, you minimize the risks.

Our Mission.

DEMETER Rent a Car airports for many years as they go flying from Europe to Turkey to our clients, we provide the tools they want to address or hotel. You plan for our customers while allowing Turkey; Instead of driving a very long and difficult car you don't know what to expect on the roads; After a plane ride safer and more comfortable taking your plane ticket, you will be there to Turkey.
You can rent a car from our company Demeter Rent a Car within the scope of rent a car that works at high standards. Our first priority in providing this service; After you have landed at the airport, our professional staff will meet you in a timely manner and you will have a comfortable and completely insured new vehicle without any trouble until you return the vehicle.
providing reliable our cars that we work of institutions in Turkey is our first priority. As Demeter Rent a Car, we are among the rare car rental brokerage companies with its strong technical software infrastructure and our professional call center. We offer a high level of alternatives to expectations with our new professional fleet of our business partners and new vehicle fleets with every brand of vehicle groups.
Our customer portfolio; consist of our expatriates and foreign nationals who are constantly renting a car from us and recommending us to their relatives for their satisfaction.
You can make reservations on our website wherever you are in the world in order to get a service above your expectations.
Our company; It is located in Berlin, Germany. We offer solutions to domestic and foreign customers who come to us from Germany and other countries.