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Car Hire from Germany to Turkey

With our Berlin and Ankara capital offices, we provide safe and affordable car rental.

Agreed with travel agencies located in Germany

Berlin, Düsseldorf, Stuttgart, Paderborn, Frankfurt, Cologne and so on. we are serving with a very contracted travel agents.

Customer Service in Turkey and Germany

Turkey Customer Service:
+49 (30) 45 30 72 15
Germany Customer Service:
+49 171 847 31 20

Popular Locations

Istanbul Airport (İST)


Istanbul Airport (İST)

Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB)


Adnan Menderes Airport (ADB)

Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW)


Sabiha Gokcen International Airport (SAW)

Esenboga Airport (ESB)


Esenboga Airport (ESB)

Customer Reviews

Kazım A. (55) - Berlin - 12.03.2024

Almanyadan kiralama işlemini yaptım havaalanında karşılama gayet iyiydi.

Ulrich H. (39) - Paderborn - 13.12.2023

Ich habe früh reserviert. Dann wollte ich das Fahrzeug wechseln. Andere Unternehmen tauschen keine Fahrzeuge aus. Sie waren sehr hilfreich.

Murat T. (45) - Ankara - 11.12.2023

Aracı kiraladım aracın tekerleği patladı. Hemen yarım saat içinde yardımcı oldular yolumuza devam ettik.

Car Rental Service

Car rental, ie rent a car service has become a need for both individuals and institutions over time. With the development of tourism and airports, car rental services in Turkey is more advanced. Upon this situation, many rent a car companies were opened. Choosing between the services and campaigns that many local and global car rental companies provide is challenging. Always safe and convenient car rental companies are preferred.

How did the car rental service start? How did it develop? Right after the Second World War, businessmen who came to America from different parts of the world came up with the idea of renting a car to serve. Then rent-a-car companies to operate in Europe continued to be established. By purchasing a series of vehicles and taking care of all the maintenance and repair costs, the companies have provided a pleasant and safe driving experience and created a competitive environment by expanding the service quality and the fleet of vehicles. Car rental service developed over time and moved to airports and airport car rental service became widespread. Thus, car rental companies started to become more globalized by improving their services. In this case, the car rental service played an important role in the development.

Demeter strives to provide you with the advantages and services you will always be happy with. It provides a safer car rental with its reiseburos in many parts of Germany. To rent a car in Turkey is now easier. Welcome to the world of amenities with Demeter.

Things to Consider Before Renting a Car

All over the world, and car rental service in Turkey began to be more preferable as time progresses. However, in order to facilitate the transportation of individuals coming to our country for tourism and business purposes, he applies for car rental. But there are some issues that we need to pay attention to when renting a car. One of them is the car rental company. Before renting a car you need to do research about the company you are going to do. You have to ask questions that you have in mind. As an example, does your company provide full insurance services? Does it only process credit cards? Is there a mileage limit on your vehicles? Does he demand a deposit? Is the vehicle well maintained or examined? You need to investigate or ask them before renting a car.

Demeter always has the answer to these issues. Because there is no credit card requirement at demeter.com, we provide an easier service with cash payment assurance on delivery. There is no km limit in any of our vehicles, you can go to the places you dream without thinking about the km limit. In addition, we provide full insurance service in all of our vehicles in case of any negative situation we do not victims. We do not require a deposit like some companies. You can rent a car without paying a deposit. Since our vehicles are 2019 models, you will not have any problems. Renting a car with Demeter is so simple and secure, you now have a new address.

Is it advantageous to rent a car?

Every year 40 million tourists coming to Turkey and would prefer to bring their vehicles to car rental process instead of coming from abroad, the majority of individuals. Renting a car comes at a more affordable price because it costs more when they come from abroad. When you come on holiday, renting a car can be a bit difficult to maintain your holiday. Transportation in public transport in hot weather can be overwhelming. You can go anywhere faster and add more places to your vacation plan. Renting a car before a holiday will make you feel a little more comfortable. That's why you can choose an affordable car rental. You can always choose demeter.com for the most affordable car rental process. We will be waiting for you when you land at the airport car rental process.

Book early and secure your holiday through our website. Take advantage of Demeter and don't be a victim.

Our Locations:

  • Ankara Esenboğa Airport International Terminal (ESB)
  • Ankara City Office
  • Ankara Esenboğa Airport Domestic Terminal (ESB)
  • Istanbul Airport Domestic Terminal (IST)
  • Istanbul Airport International Terminal (IST)
  • Istanbul S.Gokcen Airport Domestic Terminal (SAW)
  • Istanbul S.Gokcen Airport International Terminal (SAW)
  • İstanbul City Office
  • İzmir City Office
  • Gaziantep Airport Domestic Terminal (GZT)
  • Gaziantep Airport International Terminal (GZT)
  • Trabzon Airport International Terminal (TZX)
  • Bursa Yenişehir Airport Domestic Terminal (YEI)
  • Bursa Yenişehir Airport International Terminal (YEI)
  • Antalya Airport Domestic Terminal (AYT)
  • KAYSERİ City Office
  • Kayseri Airport (ASR)
  • Antalya International Airport (AYT)
  • Bodrum-Milas Airport International Terminal (BJV)
  • Dalaman Airport International Terminal (DLM)